A few quick links while worrying (even more) about global warming as a result of yesterday’s US elections:

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  1. Hi Brian, thanks for advertising the Gendered Conference Campaign! But let me just clarify that the campaign isn’t really ‘mine’, it was originally proposed by the Feminist Philosophers’ blog. I just made a modest suggestion of something that could be done in this context.
    And congrats on the baby! Now that you are the father of a girl, you may get even more concerned about gender issues, hehehe… I have to admit that for the longest time I was oblivious to these issues, but becoming the mother of two girls may have had something to do with me starting to worry about such things 🙂

  2. Hello, My name is Dyani Saxby. I’m a Ph.D. candidate in experimental/ clinical psychology at the University of Cincinnati. I recently came across a post of yours regarding cell phone use and driving that sums up a major part of what I am studying in my dissertation. Is there somewhere I could email you? I am interested in citing you for the dissertation.
    Dyani – saxbydj@mail.uc.edu

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