Open Thread on APA

This is an open thread for people who want to discuss travel to the APA, and what’s happening there. I’ve turned off the spam filters to make commenting easier, though that might mean there’s more spam than usual.

Ishani is on two panels at the APA, but I’m only scheduled to go along to provide child care and moral support. As many of us as can go are planning to drive when the snow clears, though it’s (in some sense) not determined whether I’ll be going along, or staying home with the baby. When we go, we’re planning to drive up – largely so we can pack enough stuff for the baby. has a useful guide to how traffic is flowing on various roads, and it looks much better than I would have expected. I’m not sure if it’s reliable or not though.

There is a thread also running on Feminist Philosophers, with a couple of comments, so if you’ve got any useful info, it would be good to share it there as well.

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: Unfortunately the session on Belief and Other Attitudes (Speakers: Richard Holton and Tamar Gendler; Commentator: Lynne Rudder Baker; Chair: Cheryl Chen), scheduled for tonight (Dec 27th) at 6:30pm has been cancelled.

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  1. It looks like I’ll be there. I’m currently on an Acela Express from NY, and it’s scheduled to arrive in Boston early afternoon on the 27th. Don’t know if my co-panelists (John Horty and Johsn van Benthem) will make it — both depend on highly contingent plane connections — so maybe I have 3 hours to talk about new directions in logic. Probably (and hopefully) not…

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