It’s been a while since I posted here, largely because the young one on the right has been taking up a fair amount of time. So here are a few bits of news.

  1. Andy Egan and I have (very slowly) put together a collection of papers on epistemic modals and epistemic modality, and it is coming out with OUP this spring. The collection isn’t perfect; it should have come out ages ago, and contributor list is missing a certain something, but we hope it’s a valuable addition to the literature. I’ll hopefully write more about this closer to publication, especially about what I wish I’d done differently along the way to publication.
  2. The Philosophical Quarterly essay competition this year is on the topic of Hume after 300 years. There is a 1500 pound prize, so get your Hume papers ready.
  3. In Defence of a Kripkean Dogma is now available in preprint on the PPR website. Hopefully it will be in paper format soon!
  4. There is a workshop on Formal Epistemology and Experimental Philosophy at Tillberg University this Fall.
  5. The March 2011 issue of Philosophy Compass is out, with papers on truth in fiction, truthmaking, Leibniz’s Law, and many other fun topics.

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