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31 August, 2012

Two Events

Sadly, on the same weekend, so you can’t go to both:

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27 August, 2012

Childrens’ Books

My daughter, Nyaya, loves to read. Or, more accurately, she loves to be read to. I’m really happy about this fact, and I hope she continues to love books for a long time to come.

But it has meant we have gone through a lot of books. Here’s a list of which books have been, in some week or other, Nyaya’s favourite book. They’re arranged in rough order of when they were her favourite book, though my memory on this score is surely rather hazy.

If you have any suggestions for similar books, I’d love to hear from you either in comments, in email, or on Facebook.

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15 August, 2012


Since it is a University in Scotland, the University of Edinburgh needs a philosophical research centre. And now it has one – Eidyn. They already have several exciting projects underway, and some great looking events.

Edinburgh was already one of my favourite cities to visit, and thankfully I’ll now have a few more reasons to be there.

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