Journal News

First, there’s a new issue of Thought out. Here are the articles:

  • Infinite Lotteries, Perfectly Thin Darts and Infinitesimals (pages 81–89) by Alexander R. Pruss
  • A Puzzle about Identity (pages 90–99) by Alexis Burgess
  • Kripke’s Frege (pages 100–107) by Palle Yourgrau
  • Not Just a Coincidence. Conditional Counter-examples to Locke’s Thesis (pages 108–115) by Giuseppe Spolaore
  • Propositions and Multiple Indexing (pages 116–124) by Brian Rabern
  • Burge on Representation and Biological Function (pages 125–133) by Agustín Vicente
  • The Accidental Properties of Numbers and Properties (pages 134–140) by Harold Noonan and Mark Jago
  • Strong Connexivity (pages 141–145) by Andreas Kapsner
  • An Embarrassment for Double-Halfers (pages 146–151) by Michael G. Titelbaum
  • Meaning, Expression, and Evidence (pages 152–157) by Ray Buchanan

And a call for papers: Philosophia Mathematica seeks to publish half a dozen survey articles on current and emerging areas of interest in philosophy of mathematics written by early-career philosophers. Please submit a 500-word sketch of the area that you propose to survey, along with a CV containing details of your publications, to the editor, Robert Thomas, by one of two deadlines, March 31 and September 30, 2013.

At March 31, submissions will be considered and some topics assigned.

Until Sept. 30, submissions will be considered as they arrive and may be assigned subject to not duplicating a previous assignment.

Inquiries are welcome. Publication will occur individually as articles are ready. Submissions of articles and shorter discussion notes on the subjects of special issues and any other topic in philosophy of mathematics are always welcome.

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