Three Links

  • Ergo, a new open-access philosophy journal, is now accepting submissions. I’m really happy that so many people have put so much work into getting this started, and that University of Michigan is hosting it. (Go Blue!) I’ve got at least 3 papers almost ready to send to them, and I hope this will make it much easier for people to send more of their papers to open-access venues.
  • Christy Mag Uidhir (one of the many people behind Ergo) has some data about active faculty in aesthetics at top philosophy departments. I do worry that it is hard to measure from the outside how active aesthetics is at various departments. Aesthetics was more central to the research program at Rutgers than I had expected – as can now be seen in the work Gabe Greenberg is doing. And it is very active here at Michigan, although we have no active faculty who have published particularly recently in aesthetics. (Ken Walton is emiritus, but still around a lot, Dan Jacobson hasn’t published an aesthetics paper for a while, but is active on student committees and will probably publish in aesthetics again, etc.) But the data is still useful to have.
  • And Steve Elliot (Arizona State) made this nice spreadsheet of highly cited journal articles via Google Scholar, which is a useful complement to the Healy data that has been much discussed in recent weeks.

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