This blog has been getting very quiet, hasn’t it?!

I’m currently writing a book on normative externalism, trying to build up a general theory out of the things I said in Running Risks Morally, and Disagreements, Philosophical and Otherwise. Hopefully I’ll have some draft chapters to post soon. Until then…

  • Congratulations to Rohan Sud for winning an Outstanding GSI Award from the University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School. Concidentially, Rohan has also just had a paper published in Philosophical Studies, a paper on decision rules that he presented at last year’s BSPC.
  • I suspect many of you will know about Samir Chopra’s excellent philosophy blog. He also has an excellent cricket blog, The Cordon, hosted at Cricinfo, and a fascinating looking (I haven’t read it yet), book on cricket, Brave New Pitch. It’s great to see philosophy-cricket overlaps; there should be more of it!
  • And there is a new philosophy news site, Daily Nous. I hope it is a great success.

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