Two More Graphs

Just as a follow up to the previous post, here are the graphs for six more journals. First their citations in the other 31.

Then their citations in the whole of Web of Science Arts and Humanities. (Note that this sometimes severely understates how many citations they have elsewhere in the academy, especially for philosophy of science and political philosophy papers.)

The big story of these, I think, is the overall upwards trends of the graphs. This is most dramatic in the case of PPR, but it is there across the board.

AJP has suffered a little bit since 2000 without Lewis articles to boost its citation counts. Its recent years compare well to its earlier years that didn’t contain a Lewis paper, but not so well to (for example) 1983, 1984 and 1996. It’s hard to find papers like “New Work”, “Putnam’s Paradox” and “Elusive Knowledge” to publish every year.

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